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News Article | Nov 9, 2012

Democrat Sean Patrick Maloney says his win Tuesday over Republican Nan Hayworth to represent the redrawn 18th Congressional District shows voters wanted their interests to come first...“This was a team effort, and I want this to be a victory for all the middle-class families in the Hudson Valley,” he added, saying creating jobs and improving the economy are the top issues.

News Article | Nov 2, 2012

[Hayworth] is dangerously inflexible at a time when this country desperately needs compromise. As a result, the Republican congresswoman can’t point to many tangible accomplishments for the district in the past two years. This ought to be a major concern for everyone in the district, regardless of their political affiliation.

News Article | Oct 30, 2012

Maloney, unlike many first-time candidates, could hit the ground running...[He] understands the importance of federal funding for roads and bridges and supports a federal infrastructure bank, which would enable private dollars to flow to public projects like the $5-billion replacement of the Tappan Zee Bridge.

News Article | Oct 28, 2012

...Hayworth’s tenure has been disastrous for the Lower Hudson Valley.  In one key vote after another, Hayworth has stood with the cuts-only, extremist elements of her party to oppose, threaten or delay legislation important to voters in the 18th District — the farm bill; the president’s jobs bill; the transportation bill; the health care reform law (Hayworth pledged time and again to de-fund it); consumer protections; and a host of important budget and fiscal measures — raising the debt ceiling included.

News Article | Oct 22, 2012

Despite her Tea Party support, Dr. Hayworth, a retired ophthalmologist, tries to cast herself as a moderate, particularly on women’s issues. Yet she has favored limiting contraception coverage for employees and voted to defund Planned Parenthood. Mr. Maloney promises to support health care reform, help the middle class and oppose tax cuts for the rich. We recommend Mr. Maloney.

News Article | Oct 19, 2012

To Sean Patrick Maloney, Representative Nan Hayworth is a Tea Partyextremist who callously votes to slash health care for women and the elderly while protecting the wealthy.      

News Article | Oct 16, 2012

Maloney...emphasized that the budget plan Hayworth supported twice in the House, championed by GOP vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan, would “break the promise of Medicare, end the guarantee of Medicare.” The voucher system that would replace the current Medicare structure would, he charged, cost the average senior an additional $6,400 each year.

News Article | Oct 11, 2012

Fluke said her decision to support Maloney came after researching Hayworth's voting record and speaking to Maloney on issues like defunding Planned Parenthood, the Paycheck Fairness Act, and expansion of the Violence Against Women Act and Medicare. "I have serious concerns about Rep. Hayworth's record," said Fluke.

News Article | Sep 13, 2012

The day after House Majority PAC released a cable television ad attacking freshman Republican Rep. Nan Hayworth, her Democratic opponent has unveiled a YouTube ad using a similar line of attack.

Press Releases

Press Release | Nov 7, 2012

“The Hudson Valley voted for change, Maloney said.  “Across four counties on two sides of the Hudson River, in hundreds of schools, firehouses, community centers, in the Democratic vote of a quarter million of our neighbors, the people have settled this debate.  They have closed this campaign.  My friends, tonight we have completed our course.  We’ve done it.  We’ve won this race.  This is your victory.  Tonight, we start putting people first again in the Hudson Valley and in Congress.  And I’m ready to accept this challenge and the responsibility that comes with this new charge.  And with your help, we’ll make this office work again.  We’ll make this country work again for the people who need it working for them.

Press Release | Nov 4, 2012

“Sean worked closely with me in the White House,” President Clinton said in the call.  “He has seen us and been part of a team working in the aftermath of disasters, so he’ll be especially valuable in Congress in New York as we work to build our way out of the aftermath of Sandy.”

Press Release | Nov 3, 2012

"Sean Patrick Maloney will work to restore the economy of the Hudson Valley and get people back to work," said Governor Cuomo.  "He will be a great advocate for our state in Washington.  I urge you to vote for Sean Patrick Maloney for Congress."

Press Release | Nov 2, 2012

“The Ryan budget takes a dangerous and cavalier approach to disaster funding,” Maloney said.  “There would be significant reductions in the resources available to FEMA.  And if those cuts were in place right now, FEMA’s ability to bring lifesaving assistance—and very tangible types of assistance like debris removal and assistance to people on the ground to buy diapers and get groceries, and things like their ability to coordinate the National Guard, state and local people who are in the front lines—all of those things would  be reduced significantly.  This is an issue where you see the consequences of Tea Party ideology.”         

Press Release | Oct 28, 2012

Said President Clinton: “This is a simple deal: Sean Maloney’s got a better jobs plan.  He’s got a better budget plan.  He’s got a better education plan.  He’s got a better plan for the future.” 

Press Release | Oct 25, 2012

“Rape is a horrible crime – period,” said Maloney.  “Sadly, this latest attack on women’s health from Tea Party candidate Richard Mourdock isn’t surprising.  I hope that the Congresswoman will join me in rejecting these despicable statements, and will call on Mitt Romney and her Tea Party ticket to withdraw support for this extremist.  Women in the Hudson Valley deserve a Congressperson who will put Hudson Valley women ahead of Tea Party ideology.”

Press Release | Oct 24, 2012

“Tea Party Congresswoman Nan Hayworth’s votes line up with her endorsement of the most radically conservative platform in modern history,” Sean Patrick Maloney said.  “Hudson Valley families deserve someone who will defend their values, not just the extreme Tea Party agenda.” 

Press Release | Oct 19, 2012

Yesterday, Nan Hayworth again demonstrated exactly how dangerous her agenda is for women’s health, and how out of touch she is with the issues that matter to women and families in the Hudson Valley.  Nan Hayworth wants to cut off funding for the preventive health care services like birth control and breast cancer screenings that Planned Parenthood health centers provide. 

Press Release | Oct 17, 2012

In July 2011, New York Rep. Nan Hayworth told the conservative magazine Human Events she belonged to a Westchester tea party group and that it was accurate to call her a “tea party candidate.”

Press Release | Oct 15, 2012

“Tea Party Congresswoman Nan Hayworth simply couldn’t defend her efforts to defund Planned Parenthood or her votes to end Medicare’s guaranteed benefit in order to pay for more tax breaks for millionaires like herself.”



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