Bill Clinton on Choice in NY-18: Sean Maloney’s Got a Better Plan

Somers, New York — President Bill Clinton joined his former advisor and Democratic candidate Sean Patrick Maloney at a rally today with hundreds of energetic Maloney supporters. 

Said President Clinton: “This is a simple deal: Sean Maloney’s got a better jobs plan.  He’s got a better budget plan.  He’s got a better education plan.  He’s got a better plan for the future.”  

“Sean Maloney was great in the White House,” President Clinton continued.  “He served with distinction for two New York Governors.  He knows what he is doing.  Being elected to Congress is a job—it requires a preference for evidence over ideology, for arithmetic over illusion, for shared prosperity over trickle down, for ‘we’re all in this together’ versus ‘you’re on your own.’  This is not a complicated decision.  Go out and win it for him.”         

“This election is a choice between a Bill Clinton job creator and a Tea Party radical,” said Maloney as he introduced the President.  “This a choice between President Clinton’s approach and Nan Hayworth’s Tea Party plan…This is not a choice between a Democrat and a Republican.  This is a choice between what works and what doesn’t.  Nan Hayworth said the Tea Party’s author of their Medicare voucher plan was her mentor.  Well, ladies and gentleman, you’re about to hear from mine.” 

Maloney served as a senior member of President Clinton’s White House team that created over 800,000 jobs right here in New York, and the President endorsed Maloney in June



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