Maloney Nominated Working Families Party Candidate Against Tea Party Congresswoman Hayworth

Beacon, NY – Today, Sean Patrick Maloney was nominated by the Working Families Party in their effort to defeat Tea Party Congresswoman Nan Hayworth in New York’s 18th Congressional District.  Larry Weissman, the previous Working Families Party candidate in the race, was nominated for the State Supreme Court.    

“Tea Party Congresswoman Nan Hayworth thinks tax cuts for millionaires are more important than Medicare. I think that’s wrong, and so does the Working Families Party” said Sean Patrick Maloney.  “That’s why I’m proud to have the backing of the of the WFP; we are committed to fighting for the same values: creating good-paying jobs here at home, making college more affordable and strengthening Medicare for our seniors.” 

Congresswoman Hayworth’s Tea Party votes to end Medicare in order to reward millionaires like herself with more outrageous tax breaks are not only out of touch with the Working Families Party, they’re out of touch with the Hudson Valley.  Polling shows that when voters know the difference between Democratic and Working Families Party candidate Sean Patrick Maloney and Tea Party Congresswoman Nan Hayworth, Sean Patrick Maloney wins. 



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